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    Pneumatic Vibration Isolator (fast automatic leveling)

    The place of origin:Germany

    Function :

    Pneumatic isolators provide superior low frequency vibration isolation. These isolators are ideally suited for conditions where height control and low frequency vibration control must co-exist. They meet the critical needs of metrology instruments, electron microscopes, inspection stations and precision manufacturing equipment.

    The standard isolators have a natural frequency as low as 1.7 Hz, however, lower natural frequencies (0.5 Hz) can be obtained from custom designed isolators.

    Pneumatic isolators react quickly to changes in the supported load and to center of gravity shifts by automatically releveling to a preset position.
    Can support payloads from 100 to 120,000 lbs per isolator.

    Settling time is minimal with optimum damping and corresponding valve flow.

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